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Parallelogram Series - Seize the Parallel - Book 3

Parallelogram Series - Seize the Parallel - Book 3

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Parallel universes are real. But enter at your own risk.

High school senior and amateur physicist Audie Masters struggles with the dangerous effects of living in a parallel universe.

Can what she did be undone?

Will she ever be able to reclaim her real life again?

Part 3 of the exciting 4-part science fiction adventure series featuring quantum physics, parallel universes, and time travel. You'll never look at the universe or your own life the same way again.

Type: Novel

Series: Parallelogram Book 3

Genre(s): Science Fiction, Young Adult, Paranormal, Supernatural

Print Length: 278 Pages

Tags: parallel universes, quantum physics, teen science fiction, teen quantum physics, teen parallel universes, young adult science fiction, young adult paranormal, young adult quantum physics, young adult science, young adult parallel universes, dogs, animals, pets, family, friendship, teen romance, young adult romance, young adult adventure, teen adventure

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