Audiobook Delivery Help

Life can be complicated enough. Listening to your audiobooks should be the easy part.

When you purchase any audiobooks from this website, you will receive an email from BookFunnel with the link to download the book onto your device. 

The easiest way to listen to them is to add the free BookFunnel app to your device (iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet, Kindle Fire Tablet, etc.). Then when you receive the email from BookFunnel saying your audiobook has arrived, all you have to do is enter the unique code for the book in your app and the audiobook magically appears.

If you would rather listen to the audiobook through your computer browser, that works, too. You will set up your BookFunnel Library account and add book codes there. You will see instructions for this when you receive the audiobook from BookFunnel.

If you ever have any questions about your audiobook delivery, the fantastic people at BookFunnel will be happy to help you. They are kind and brilliant and just generally wonderful. You are in good hands.

To access their help, just click the Help link at the top of the book download page you receive, or go to