Collection: Bradamante Saga


Bradamante first met the gray mare Egalite during one of her nightly visions and training sessions with Manat at the white house.

Bradamante learned to ride Egalite bareback, and still prefers that, even when engaged in a sword battle on horseback.

Egalite is both fierce and fiercely loyal. During any battle  she will kick and bite and fight–anything to help protect Bradamante.

Bradamante is loyal to her mare, too. Anyone who hurts Egalite learns to regret it.


Rinaldo found Bayard as a colt lying gravely injured in the wilderness. The horse might have been attacked by a bear.

Rinaldo nursed the horse back to life, and they have shared a bond ever since.

Bayard’s origins are mysterious. The horse seems to have wanted Rinaldo to find him.


The large gray gelding Frontino was originally Ferrau’s horse, but now belongs to Astolpho.

Known for his wide back and sizable frame, Frontino can easily haul a stout warrior like Ferrau, or two riders at a time, such as Astolpho and Michaela.

Frontino is a fearless war horse who will rush into battle without hesitation whenever the need arises.


Filla is Jara’s sturdy, sure-footed mare. She is patient with inexperienced riders and will do her best to keep Jara on horseback, even in times of danger.

Not the fastest among the horses, Filla is nevertheless hardy and reliable–just like Jara.


Vinduron is a red roan stallion created by the sorcerer Rogero.

Also known as the windhorse, Vinduron can travel at incredible speed over vast distances. He appears and departs so quickly, some might believe the horse can make himself invisible.

Vinduron eats only air. He prefers warmer climates over anyplace with rain or snow.


Telko is a sleek black stallion who originally belonged to Michaela’s father. Michaela began riding Telko and all the other horses in her village’s herd when she was two years old.

Telko is fiery and temperamental, much like Michaela. The two of them also share the ability to endure great hardships–a quality both Telko and Michaela have had to draw upon far too often.


Rune is a short, sturdy tan horse with a long white and black mane. He has a sweet temperament which can sometimes be taken advantage of by the wrong people.

His age is unknown, but he is older than Telko by several years. Michaela has known him all of her life, and used to sleep on his back when she was young.

Rune might not be as strong and hardy as he once was, but after all he has been through, this horse is without a doubt a survivor.