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Bradamante Saga, Book 2

Book of Water

Book of Water

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Some battles can't be won with swords.

Bradamante Saga, Book 2.

Now a warrior in the king’s army, Bradamante is camped with her fellow warriors in the mountains at Monarch Pass.

She’s there to help defend against the enemy commander Rogero—who is not only the most successful commander of all time, but is also a sorcerer.

Bradamante will need all the power, strength, and courage she can muster to save her own life and the lives of the ones she loves.

And that isn't her only challenge.

Sometimes love can create a battlefield all its own.

Type: Novel

Genre(s): Fantasy, Young Adult

Print Length: 692 Pages

Tags: medieval fantasy, sword and sorcery, girl warrior, woman warrior, medieval woman warrior, medieval girl warrior, mystical, supernatural, visionary, fantasy horse, fantasy romance, young adult fantasy, young adult fantasy romance

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