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Doggirl - Audiobook

Doggirl - Audiobook

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Can a shy, misunderstood girl use her dog training skills to find her own pack in high school?

(Narrated by Maria Hunter Welles)


And this one said: "Dog trainer needed immediately. Must provide own dog."

I snatched the paper off the announcement board before anyone else could see it.


Meet Riley Case: An expert with dogs, lousy with people. She's been keeping a low profile at her high school—well, except for that incident with the birds—but when the chance comes to use her talents as a dog trainer to help the drama department win a national competition, she knows she can't stay in the shadows any longer.

Funny and tender, with plenty for any animal-lover to love, DOGGIRL and her dogs will steal your heart.

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Type: Novel Audiobook
Genre(s): Young Adult
Audiobook Length: 5.6
Tags: dogs, pets, animals, dog stories, dog training, high school theater, high school theatre, high school drama, bullies, bullying, self-esteem, self-confidence, friendship, family, teen sweet romance, young adult sweet romance

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