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Dove Season Series, Book 1

Dove Season

Dove Season

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X-Files meets X-Men in this science fiction and fantasy series.

A power she doesn't want. But everyone else does.

Marnie Stemple has a secret. One she’s been able to hide from the world for years. But now she’s been exposed. And her worst fears are coming true.

What does the government want from her? To use her as a spy? A weapon? A warrior? She’s not made for any of those.

But Marnie can’t resist the forces who are after her, any more than she can resist using her power.

Alice Kern has a secret of her own. She’s using her position as an analyst with the Agency to find out why her parents were murdered six years ago. But now her investigation has put a target on her own back. How can she defend herself when she doesn’t know who is trying to kill her?

But Alice has hidden skills, too. And if she and Marnie can find some way of joining forces, they might both find a way to survive.

Unless somebody else gets to them first. 

Type: Novel

Genre(s): Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action Adventure, Mystery

Print Length: 210 Pages

Tags: paranormal, supernatural, fantasy, science fiction, aliens, alien contact, martial arts, superpowers, government conspiracy, World War II, spies, espionage, frontier science, parapsychology, mystical, visionary, X-Files, X-Men

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