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Dove Season Series, Book 3



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X-Files meets X-Men in this science fiction and fantasy series.

If you want the truth, be ready to take it.

Five exciting new stories in the DOVE SEASON universe.

UFO biologist Dr. Travis Baird investigates a new species of alien in the Arizona desert. Friend or foe? He’s about to find out.

Marnie Stemple has a power that other people want. The only way to stay safe from capture is to keep running. Or is there another way?

Pilot Sharman Hix fights to communicate with her experimental aircraft before it crashes. How can she get through to it in time?

Agency analyst Alice Kern continues to search for the answers behind her parents’ murder. But is she really ready to hear the truth?

Scientist-soldier Julie Trident investigates a violent species of alien. What she discovers may change the way humans do battle against them.

The truth is out there. Whether we’re ready for it or not.

Type: Novel

Genre(s): Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action Adventure, Mystery

Print Length: 206 Pages

Tags: paranormal, supernatural, fantasy, science fiction, aliens, alien contact, martial arts, superpowers, government conspiracy, World War II, spies, espionage, frontier science, parapsychology, mystical, visionary, UFOs, X-Files, X-Men

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