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Fat Cat

Fat Cat

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An experiment so bold, anyone might think it was a little crazy...

Catherine Locke is smart, ambitious, and—okay, not the slimmest girl around. But she's always cared more about her brain than her body. So far that's gotten her where she wanted: into the most advanced, competitive science class at her high school, where she'll once again face her fiercest rival, Matt McKinney.

The guy who broke her heart.

If Cat's plan works, she'll win it all: a huge improvement in her body and her lifestyle, first prize at the science fair, admission to the college of her choice, and best of all, revenge on Matt McKinney.

But as every scientist knows, even the best experiments can go wildly out of control...

"Fat Cat was AWESOME. I couldn't stop reading it!" ~Meg Cabot, New York Times bestselling author of The Princess Diaries & more

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Type: Novel
Genre(s): Young Adult
Print Edition ISBN: 9781952383182
Print Length: 306 Pages
Tags: young adult comedy, young adult romance, teen romance, teen comedy, teen romantic comedy, young adult romantic comedy, teen weight loss, young adult weight loss, teen body image, young adult body image, teen health, young adult health, teen healthy eating, young adult healthy eating, friendship, young adult sweet romance, teen sweet romance, family, siblings, cooking, vegetarian cooking, Paleo, science competition, science fair, high school science, high school romance, high school romantic comedy, teen self-confidence, young adult self-confidence, teen diet and weight loss, young adult diet and weight loss

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