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Freefall - Audiobook

Freefall - Audiobook

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Sometimes love appears whether you're ready for it or not.

(Narrated by Maria Hunter Welles)

Eliza Shepherd is known for the exciting adventure columns she writes with her husband, Jamey. But when Jamey dies while climbing, Eliza finds herself lost, confused, and trying to rebuild a life on her own.

When Jamey’s mother is widowed, too, Eliza makes a decision: to accompany her mother-in-law back to Jamey’s hometown and help settle her in over the next several months. It will give Eliza the chance to work on the book she’s writing about Jamey, and take her away from a life that isn’t working for her anymore.

She doesn't expect the pain she'll find there—or the pleasure.

Eliza has already had one good man in her life, and isn’t looking for another. But love has a way of appearing, whether you’re ready for it or not.

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Type: Novel Audiobook
Genre(s): Romance
Audiobook Length: 10.0
Tags: romance, second chance love, widow, young widow, window love, love and romance, family, friendship, womens fiction, outdoor adventure, climbing, writers, writing, women writers, writer romance, second love

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