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Home Deer

Home Deer

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It's amazing what you can do with a lot of heart and a little magic.

A Robin Brande Single.

Dorothy makes her own rules. She doesn’t worry about what other people think. Once she knows what’s right, she’ll throw her whole heart into it.

And for Dorothy, helping the woodland creatures in her beautiful mountains escape from predators is the right thing to do.

Even if her solution is … unconventional. Even if it takes some effort, and some courage, and learning a little bit of mountain magic.

Includes the bonus story, TEN MINUTES. A small-time thief in a picturesque mountain town discovers a way to make something better out of his life. Supernatural forces are at work. But is the price of redemption too high?

[This story also appears in the collection MOUNTAIN TOUGH.]

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Type: Short Fiction
Genre(s): Fantasy, Cozy Fantasy, Supernatural, Paranormal
Print Edition ISBN:
Print Length: 40 Pages
Tags: magic, mysticism, outdoor living, outdoor adventure, hunting, hunter, animals, wilderness, mountains, supernatural, paranormal

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