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Mountain Tough

Mountain Tough

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The mountains can dish it out. But that doesn't mean you have to take it.

Five stories of mountain mystery and survival—with the occasional touch of the supernatural.

ON RED MOUNTAIN: A woman fights to survive in the mountains after her husband is struck by lightning.

THE RESCUE: A mountain hermit and his dog race to avert a coming disaster—one that the dog senses before anyone else.

HOME DEER: A mountain widow takes matters into her own hands to protect the nearby woodland creatures.

THE GOLD HUNTER: An injured climber’s only hope for survival is a stranger who won’t give up.

THE OUTPOST AWAY FROM THE WORLD: A scientist returns to the off-the-grid cabin of her childhood and discovers the mysterious secret to her survival.

Type: Collection

Genre(s): Fantasy, Cozy Fantasy, Action Adventure, Supernatural, Paranormal

Print Length: 182 Pages

Tags: survival, outdoor survival, survival story, survival stories, paranormal, supernatural, fantasy, cozy fantasy, mountains, mountain living, country living, outdoor survival, dog, dogs, dog story, dog stories, death, grief, solitude, cabin, Findhorn, magic, mysticism, psychic, psychic animals, nature, wilderness

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