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The Love of a Good Dog: Stories for Dog Lovers

The Love of a Good Dog: Stories for Dog Lovers

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Four stories for dog lovers—who also love a touch of the supernatural.

THE RESCUE: A mountain hermit and his dog race to avert a coming disaster—one that the dog senses before anyone else.  

THE CALLING: A country veterinarian discovers she has an unusual and mysterious gift.

FROM THE BONES OF AN OLD DOG: A boy searches for a bit of magic after his dog unexpectedly dies.

THE SLIP OF A RIB: A Winnie Parsons Mystery. Retired psychology professor and clairvoyant Dr. Winnie Parsons’s work at the local animal shelter leads to a mystery that only she can solve.

Type: Collection

Genre(s): Cozy Fantasy, Fantasy, Supernatural, Paranormal

Print Length: 178 Pages

Tags: dogs, animals, pets, rescue animal, rescue dog, paranormal animal stories, animal ESP, veterinarian, cats, puppies, kittens, rural america, country living, family

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