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What If You're Doing It Right? For Teens

What If You're Doing It Right? For Teens

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Are you ready to get the confidence and happiness you deserve?

Is it possible to feel confident and happier—today? Yes! To take steps toward becoming the smarter, bolder, braver, ideal you you’ve always wanted to be? Yes!

features 100 practical, life-tested tips to help you gain the happiness and confidence you want now, while also showing you how to redesign your life from this day forward so that it perfectly, uniquely fits you.

Don't wait another day to begin living the life you want!

Type: Nonfiction

Series: Creative Living

Genre(s): Self-Help, Young Adult

Print Length: 204 Pages

Tags: positive motivation, teen advice book, young adult advice book, nonfiction, self-help, self-confidence, self-reliance, friendship, love and dating, family, dreams, inspiration, inspirational

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