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Winnie Parsons Mysteries

A Drop of Sweat

A Drop of Sweat

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No clues? No problem.

A Winnie Parsons Mystery.

Cutting-edge scientist Dr. Benjamin Rook returns home to the peace and solitude of his remote mountain laboratory—only to discover that someone destroyed his entire lab and everything he worked on for the past fifteen years.

Without any clues who might have done it, Ben turns to Dr. Winifred Parsons for help. She is a retired scientist herself, but more than that, Winnie Parsons is clairvoyant.

Winnie discovers there were a few witnesses after all—although no one else would ever guess it. No secret can stay hidden for long once Winnie Parsons is on the case.

[This story also appears in the Winnie Parsons collection A MIND FOR MYSTERIES.]

Type: Short Fiction

Genre(s): Mystery, Cozy Mystery, Puzzle Mystery, Fantasy, Cozy Fantasy, Paranormal, Supernatural

Print Length: 54 Pages

Tags: mystery, puzzle mystery, cozy mystery, fantasy, cozy fantasy, paranormal, supernatural, psychic, psychic detective, psychic mystery, clairvoyance, ESP, psychology, parapsychology, winnie parsons

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