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Winnie Parsons Mysteries

A Mind for Mysteries

A Mind for Mysteries

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The first 5 Winnie Parsons mysteries, all in one collection.

Retired psychology professor Dr. Winifred Parsons spent decades studying the human psyche as a scientist and academic. But she also explored it from another angle: Winnie Parsons is clairvoyant.

Now Winnie uses her psi talent to help clients resolve mysteries that are outside the reach of standard investigations.

The path to justice might be twisted, but Winnie always finds a way.

A MIND FOR MYSTERIES includes five original Winnie Parsons mysteries:

THE GENIUS TRACK: A high school academic star needs Winnie to unlock her troubled mind.

A MAN OF APPETITES: An ambitious entrepreneur assumes no one can uncover his secrets.

A DROP OF SWEAT: A cutting-edge scientist hires Winnie to find out who destroyed his lab.

THE LONG GRAY HOOK: Winnie investigates the medical mystery hobbling the university’s dance students.

THE SLIP OF A RIB: Winnie’s work at the local animal shelter leads to a mystery that only she can solve.

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Type: Collection
Genre(s): Mystery, Cozy Mystery, Puzzle Mystery, Fantasy, Cozy Fantasy, Paranormal, Supernatural
Print Edition ISBN: 9781952383298
Print Length: 284 Pages
Tags: mystery, puzzle mystery, cozy mystery, fantasy, cozy fantasy, paranormal, supernatural, psychic, psychic detective, psychic mystery, clairvoyance, ESP, psychology, parapsychology, winnie parsons, dance, ballet, university, high school, medical mystery, medical clairvoyance, medical intuition, dogs, pets, cats, shelter, animal shelter, animals, plant science, scientist, frontier science

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