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Winnie Parsons Mysteries

The Genius Track

The Genius Track

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The mind likes to hold onto its secrets.

A Winnie Parsons Mystery.

High school academic star Selena Martez used to feel smart. But lately her dreams for a bright future are slipping away. Something is wrong. But none of the regular doctors can tell her what it is.

Dr. Winifred Parsons specializes in unusual cases just like Selena’s. Winnie Parsons is more than an expert in psychology. She is also clairvoyant.

As she unravels the mystery behind Selena’s illness, Winnie discovers a deeper and more sinister plot than any other investigator would have found.

Winnie has a gift for uncovering secrets. Will she expose this one in time?

[This story also appears in the Winnie Parsons collection A MIND FOR MYSTERIES.]

Type: Short Fiction

Genre(s): ystery, Cozy Mystery, Puzzle Mystery, Fantasy, Cozy Fantasy, Paranormal, Supernatural

Print Length: 52 Pages

Tags: mystery, puzzle mystery, cozy mystery, fantasy, cozy fantasy, paranormal, supernatural, psychic, psychic detective, psychic mystery, clairvoyance, ESP, psychology, parapsychology, winnie parsons, high school

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