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Winnie Parsons Mysteries - The Long Gray Hook

Winnie Parsons Mysteries - The Long Gray Hook

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A medical mystery Winnie can't resist.

Why are the students in the university’s dance program suddenly falling ill? Are they being poisoned? Is there some environmental or medical cause? The head of the dance department hires Dr. Winifred Parsons to find out.

As a former psychology professor, Winnie Parsons has special knowledge of the human mind. But as a clairvoyant and medical intuitive, she can see deeper into the human body than any normal investigator can.

Once Winnie delves into the dynamics of the dance department, she discovers an unexpected source of the students’ ailments. Along the way, she realizes she has more than one medical mystery to solve.

[This story also appears in the Winnie Parsons collection A MIND FOR MYSTERIES.]

Type: Short Fiction

Series: Winnie Parsons Mysteries

Genre(s): Mystery, Cozy Mystery, Puzzle Mystery, Fantasy, Cozy Fantasy, Paranormal, Supernatural

Print Length: 56 Pages

Tags: mystery, puzzle mystery, cozy mystery, fantasy, cozy fantasy, paranormal, supernatural, psychic, psychic detective, psychic mystery, clairvoyance, ESP, psychology, parapsychology, winnie parsons, ballet, dance, college, university, dance program, dancer, medical intuitive, medical mystery

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