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Winnie Parsons Mysteries

The Slip of a Rib

The Slip of a Rib

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The animals at the shelter have a few things to say.

A Winnie Parsons Mystery.

Wealthy animal lover Mrs. Penny Bristol left her estate to the local animal shelter. She also left instructions that the shelter should hire Dr. Winifred Parsons if they ever need to solve any of the animals’ behavioral issues

Dr. Parsons is more than a retired psychology professor. Winnie Parsons is clairvoyant.

What begins as a good deed to help the shelter animals find new loving homes, soon leads to a mystery that only Winnie can resolve.

As other criminals have learned, it doesn’t pay to mess with Winnie’s friends.

And that includes her friends with four legs and fur.

[This story also appears in the Winnie Parsons collection A MIND FOR MYSTERIES and the collection THE LOVE OF A GOOD DOG.]

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Type: Short Fiction
Genre(s): Mystery, Cozy Mystery, Puzzle Mystery, Fantasy, Cozy Fantasy, Paranormal, Supernatural
Print Edition ISBN:
Print Length: 68 Pages
Tags: mystery, puzzle mystery, cozy mystery, fantasy, cozy fantasy, paranormal, supernatural, psychic, psychic detective, psychic mystery, clairvoyance, ESP, psychology, parapsychology, winnie parsons, animals, animal shelter, pets, dogs, cats, dog rescue, animal ESP

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