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The Calling

The Calling

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The secret lives of veterinarians ... and the secret lives of our pets.

A Robin Brande Single.

Veterinarian Drianne has always had a special connection with her patients. Some might call it a gift. Dogs and cats seem to know her, even if she has never met them before. And she swears she can sometimes guess what they are thinking and feeling.

Drianne assumes she is the only veterinarian having this experience. But she learns she is not alone.

There is more to her gift with animals than she realizes.

And now she knows exactly how to use it.

[This story also appears in the collection THE LOVE OF A GOOD DOG: Stories for Dog Lovers.]

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Type: Short Fiction
Genre(s): Fantasy, Cozy Fantasy, Supernatural, Paranormal
Print Edition ISBN:
Print Length: 24 Pages
Tags: dog, dogs, dog story, dog stories, veterinarian, magic, supernatural, paranormal, psychic animal communication, animals, pets

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